A Booth for All Occasions

Thinking about planning your birthday, family reunion, wedding, baby shower, or even just a girls night in — Boston’s Photobooth is here to provide a customizable, unique and memorable experience. With our custom LED lighting and graphics we’ll tailor your experience to the look and feel of your next event. Have our custom prints be the perfect guest gift for them to leave with.


Choose Your Format

Want the traditional photobooth 3 photo look? No problem. Hoping to make one photo the star of the show? We got you! Our customizable templates will allow you and your guests to choose the look and feel of their photos. Don’t worry though, all of the photos will also be saved to your live gallery as individuals.

Customize Your Booth

Work with a dedicated consultant to make sure that Boston’s Photobooth matches the look and feel of your special day. We can customize the lighting to match your color scheme or even create custom graphics that can be added to each photo. You can also choose from our custom backdrops to give your event that extra WOW factor you’re looking for.

Share Your Photos

We make it as easy as possible for you and your guests to get their photos, gifs, boomerangs and/or videos. We’ll give them the option of AirDrop, text, email and QR code to quickly send their captures directly to them. Don’t worry! All of the photos taken at your event will be uploaded to your individual Live Gallery for you to review and share days, months or even years after.

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